Rohan Ramanath

This page lists some hacks that I put together during my undergrad days. Broadly, these can be classfied as Work with startups and Android Applications

Work with startups

  • Co-founder; Technical Lead of a 3 member developer team
  • Developed a semi-anonymous social network which piggybacks on a "friend" network. The site empowers the user of anonymity to discuss their thoughts with friends and family.
  • Later acquired by Headrun Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


  • Helped establish a mobile application development startup
  • Technical Head & Lead Developer
  • Applications on Google Play aggregated over 150,000 downloads
  • Extensively conducted workshops on mobile and web-application development
  • Nominated to the Best App Ever Awards (2011) in the middle school categoly

Home Automation

  • Built a scalable, low cost, home automation system
  • Used a Raspberry Pi to run a web server
  • The system could be retrofitted into existing houses
  • Project funded and later acquired by Headrun Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Android Applications


eduPort is an online educational portal which allows users to browse through,view and save their favorite lectures/talks offered by some of the most popular Youtube channels. Each channel is organized as playlists of subjects/courses. The app. allows you to save links to your favorites list or download videos for offline viewing

A custom version of this app. was requested for by Samsung Korea to suit the Galaxy Tab form factor.

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Pocket Math

Pocket Math is a unique quick reference android application that gives the user a list of all basic quant concepts and formulae with brief explanations. Concepts are grouped for easy reference

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Kannada Kali

Offers basic words, numbers, alphabets and phrases for learning the Kannada language. A built in practise lounge allows users to learn and practice writing the alphabet.

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